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I am grateful my clients are willing to share their experiences, here are some of them. 

I found myself needing some help with low mood and anxiety. I liked the sound of Fenella so we started work together. I liked her style of hypnosis and the special recordings she made for me to use when at home. We were even able to modify the imaging s
Thank you - I love our sessions.
It makes me feel set free and I’m truly grateful for that.
I just wanted to drop you a note to say a massive thank you from me. I still cannot believe how successful my sessions with you have been. 6 weeks on I am back at work, feeling more positive, stronger and happier. I feel life is settling down but even
“I had a few sessions with Fenella and after the first I felt considerably better. My anxiety was dealt with by hypnotism, which I was sceptical about, but it worked helping me to relax and I was given a recording of my session which I listen to at nig
Well, I feel quite different! Thank you again for all your help with my development, it has helped move me on so much! It was exactly what I needed every time.
I came to see Fenella to help lower my anxiety about coping with chemotherapy and the side effects that I feared so much. Using many techniques to get to the route of my fears Fenella helped me to relax and know that my body would cope perfectly well. O
I would like to thank you so much for all your help with my speech. The day went very well and my speech went better! I completely nailed it. Lots of laughs and cheers and after lots of people complemented me on it. Thank you.
If I ever need support again I would head straight for Fenella.
I just wanted to drop you a note to say a huge "thank you" for my session last week. I really appreciate all your time and help. Since I saw you, I have felt very different, its hard to avoid cliches, but - lighter, calmer and more hopeful for the futur
"I went to Fenella after realising I needed to talk through with someone about how to move on after the end of a 26 year relationship. She helped enormously by recognising where I was still hurting and gave me ways to work through them and now I feel much
I came to Fenella with anxiety over a new start at college
Fenella made my trips easy as she makes the whole experience stressfree and calm, I have found the treatment has made a significant change to my lifestyle and how I cope. I still regularly listen to my CD especially in times of stress it works!
PERFORMING IN PUBLIC. Just thought that you would be please to hear that I took the plunge with my singing and my friend and I recorded our first attempt of a cover (one of my favourite bands) and we even got a message from the band saying we did a great
Just had to tell you that my flights were both truly great! A particular success with the second, smaller plane. No problems, no worries and I actually enjoyed it! CH
Mrs T S
First I want to say a very belated thank you for my sessions with you last year, I can't believe the difference they have made to my life. So many of my past problems have been 'let go' and I have felt so much better for it. I look at life in a very diffe
Just to say that I've just got back from a great trip to Mallorca and I had to let you know that I have been very well indeed.
HAIR FALLING OUT Despite my initial scepticism, as soon as I met her and sat in her home I had genuine belief that she would be able to help me, I felt completely comfortable with everything about the whole experience.
"I was recommended Fenella though a friend of a friend, I was down and suffering from anxiety, and being honest was dubious about If anyone could help me. I was wrong, from the moment I met Fenella I realised I was not cracking up ...
BUSINESS MAN "I met Fenella by chance and even before I knew what she did as a profession, I realised she had a special gift that made her extremely insightful into how people develop fears and more importantly knew how she could help people to overcome t
Mrs P Hutchinson
"Fenella Gabriel is someone I would not hesitate to recommend to a friend. When I first met her, I was impressed both by her calm and by her quality of approachability. She is someone who has a great deal of humanity, I have never felt for a second that
"I went to see Fenella at a crossroads in my life when I wanted to sort out where I was going. She helped me look at my priorities and deal with concerns from the past which were holding me back. The hypnotherapy sessions were amazing and helped me really
INSOMNIA AND ANXIETY. "I was suffering with insomnia and related daytime anxiety. Fenella helped me to help myself, using a combination of different techniques, including relaxation and visualisation. She also made me dispel any negative assumptions I had
"I still count my blessings that I met you when I did. I feel absolutely certain that without your counselling and hypnotherapy treatments I would not have survived last year's events.
"Thank you Fenella for your counselling and hypnotherapy treatments ~ I had gotten to a point in my life where the problems of the past were interfering too much with my present and in effect, my future..
Helen Harling
"I have only fairly recently met Fenella but without doubt she has changed my life. I was suffering from a condition for more than 15 years and she was my last hope, my last port of call, my last ditch attempt at trying to get myself better the..
Mrs S.W.
"Being hypnotised only means that you have a safe place to escape to. You are still in total control. It was time for me, time for me to help myself. It gave me the opportunity to escape into a third person, my sub-conscious and not to feel so responsi
Mrs A.W.
"Some time ago I had been trying to find a good hypnotherapist. This took a few months as there was a need to find someone with whom I felt empathy, would be sensitive and who would operate in a secure environment in total confidence.
I just wanted to day a massive thank you for everything you've done for my daughter. It has been a few weeks now since we last saw you and she hasn't looked back, she can't even believe she ever had a problem. We have yet to go on our long day out but I
Meeting Fenella was a major turning point in my life. I had been struggling to cope with a condition for over 15 years through the means of Western medicine, which only treated symptoms rather than focusing on the root cause. Through my sessions with Fene
Mrs PC
I was so surprised with my session today - a long deep hidden feeling suppressed for so long. Thank you for helping me to release it.

I was quite tired yesterday afternoon. I slept really well and woke this morning feeling lighter, energised and brigh