If you haven't experienced Hypnosis before you may well have questions about it.  Here are a few most commonly asked.  Also have a look at "What People Say".  If you are still in doubt please send me an email via "Contact Fenella" or give me a call.


Will I be unconscious when I am in Hypnosis?

No, you will never be unconscious.  You will feel in a very relaxed state, but you will be able to hear everything going on around you, and you will be able to reply to questions.

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Can anyone be hypnotised?

It is very important that you are willing to go into hypnosis.  It is not possible to hypnotise someone who does not want to be hypnotised.

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I am worried, will I be out of control?

No your needs will guide the therapy.  Any suggestions made to you will only take root if you feel they are good for you.

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How many sessions will it take?

Each case is different.  When we have our initial consultation I will give you an idea of how long I think it might take.  However, clients often feel an improvement after their very first session.

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What happens if I cancel?

Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment.  This gives me time to pass your slot onto someone who may be waiting to see me. 

There is a £30 charge (£20 for children's appointments) for missed appointments and for cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice.

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